Nose Job for Nose Reshaping and Fracture Treatment

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If you look at yourself in the mirror and observe the shape of your nose, you will notice how its size and shape differs from those of others. Basically, the nose is made of cartilage. A cartilage is a connective tissue composed of specialized cells. A cartilage is not a bone, but its shape be affected by the facial bone structure.

Most Caucasians have a concave-shaped nose. Their nose bridge is slightly pressed inwards, and the tip is pointed upwards. The nose tip is also bulky and bulbous. A convex-shaped nose, on the other hand, forms a bump in the middle of the nose bridge. Its tip protrudes far from the face. A convex-shaped nose is also called a Roman nose.

Some people undergo rhinoplasty surgery to enhance their nose shape. Rhinoplasty is the process of adjusting, implanting, or removing a portion of cartilage. Cartilage adjustment improves the appearance of the nose. This eliminates protrusions in a convex-shaped nose, improving the appearance of the tip.

Nose reshaping can only be performed on a well-developed nose cartilage. In Los Angeles, rhinoplasty surgeons require surgery candidates to be at least 14 years old for girls, and 16 for boys. At this age, curvature on the bridge and tip are already defined. The cartilage has firmly attached itself on the facial bone structure, appropriate for a nose job. Los Angeles surgeons conduct nose check-up and analysis before carrying out rhinoplasty surgery.

When performing a nose job, Los Angeles surgeons modify the overall appearance of the nose. This is done to people who are unsatisfied with the shape and size of their nose. Moreover, rhinoplasty is also performed to repair a broken nose. A broken nose may be caused by cartilage displacement or fracture. These occur when the cartilage has been severely pushed inwards. Displaced and fractured cartilage can result to a flattened nose.

Before a nose job, Los Angeles experts recommend placing of ice over fractured nose for two to three days. Surgeons assess nose condition when the swelling have subsided. Rhinoplasty surgery is essential in nose fracture treatment. Nevertheless, surgical procedures are also done for improvement of over-all nose appearance.

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Nose Job for Nose Reshaping and Fracture Treatment

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This article was published on 2010/11/29