Rhinoplasty - A Surgical Procedure to Improve Nasal Contour

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Nowadays, with advanced plastic surgery, it is possible to enhance facial features and become more attractive. Problems related to function can also be rectified, apart from appearance enhancement. One such procedure is the nose job, which is technically known as rhinoplasty. Both cosmetic as well as functional purposes can be served with this procedure. The nose can be reshaped with this nose surgery, and breathing problems can also be solved. However, only a few reliable plastic surgery centers offer this procedure.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an innovative plastic surgery procedure provided to straighten a nose that is crooked or bent. The surgeon can reduce or increase the size of the nose as well. Reshaping of the nose can be done so that the symmetry of the face is maintained. This nose surgery procedure can also address a bulbous tip, and a wide or narrow dorsum. Structural flaws such as a deviated septum can be corrected and the breathing function can be considerably improved.

  • You can achieve a symmetrical nose

The plastic surgeon may perform rhinoplasty in conjunction with septoplasty. The septum of the nose is addressed effectively through the procedure. You get to enjoy medical as well as aesthetic benefits when corrections are made to the septum. Breathing difficulties are alleviated due to the correct alignment of the nasal passage. Patients can achieve a pleasing dorsal aesthetic line. A harmonious appearance is seen between the nasal tip and the forehead.
The plastic surgeon performs the surgery by removing bumps, elongating or reducing the nose and rectifying a crooked nasal bridge or a bulbous tip. Since, the plastic surgeon makes changes to the shape or contour of the nose, you can attain a symmetrical nose and considerably improved appearance. The plastic surgeon may employ the closed or open approach for rhinoplasty. Nowadays, with advanced technology, the surgery is safer, gentler and more effective. Depending on the aesthetic goals and expectations of the patient, customized results are brought about.
After the procedure, minimal swelling and bruising is common. The surgeon may prescribe oral medications and therefore, speedy recovery is seen.

  • Your self esteem as well as facial appearance is improved

With nose reshaping surgery, you can achieve an improved nasal contour and a more attractive facial profile. The awareness that you look good will boost your self esteem and self confidence. However, you should make sure that a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon is chosen to perform the nose surgery. This will help to ensure flawless and natural looking results.

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Rhinoplasty - A Surgical Procedure to Improve Nasal Contour

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Rhinoplasty - A Surgical Procedure to Improve Nasal Contour

This article was published on 2013/07/26